Scented Secret Donut F*ck with me Candle


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320 Grams
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Introducing the Scented Secret "Donut F*ck with Me" Candle: Ignite Your Mood with Krispy Kreme Delight and Discover Hidden Jewellery!


Get ready to light up your space and your spirits with our "Donut F*ck with Me" Candle – a hilarious and mood-lifting tribute to the legendary Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


But that's not all – hidden beneath the lid, a delightful surprise awaits: a piece of exquisite jewellery that adds a touch of elegance to your fun-filled experience.

Fragrance Profile: Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aroma of Krispy Kreme doughnuts – a scent that instantly transports you to a world of sugary joy and indulgence.


Top Notes: Experience the initial burst of euphoria with top notes that capture the essence of freshly glazed doughnuts, invoking a sense of delicious anticipation.

Middle Notes: As the candle burns, dive into the heart of the fragrance where the sweet, doughy goodness takes center stage, lifting your mood with its comforting charm.

Base Notes: The experience concludes with lingering base notes that infuse your space with the cozy warmth reminiscent of a doughnut shop, leaving a smile on your face.


And don't forget, nestled beneath the lid, a beautiful piece of jewellery awaits your discovery. Imagine the delight of uncovering this hidden treasure – a perfect blend of whimsy and elegance.

The "Donut F*ck with Me" Candle with Hidden Jewellery is more than just a candle – it's a source of humor, a touch of whimsy, and a delightful way to brighten your day.

Indulge your senses, uplift your mood, and let the good times roll with this unique and enchanting creation from Scented Secret.



Jar colour may vary as of stock shortage with supplier because of covid


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